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1 Oct 2019

5 Best Fitness App Concepts To Invest In 2019

While people have become tech-savvy, they are looking for the best fitness apps in Apple and Google play store.

Prior to fitness apps, whenever it used come about health every one blames mobile phones, but now this has become a great tool to improve your health condition.

In the recent couple of years, fitness and health apps have gained huge popularity and have gathered a huge audience base.

Providing people with health and fitness benefits, these applications encourages people to do exercises and achieve their health goals.

It this article we will glance over the aspects of health and fitness app development.

Health And Fitness Apps

Apps that enable people to do certain workouts and monitor their food habits, and manage their food habits. These applications have several features that allow users to monitor their calorie intakes and how much weight they are losing by exercise.

If you are overwhelmed with the idea of creating a fitness app and want to earn some money, indeed it is a great way to do so. Though, before investing you must get some insights about different app genres. Here catch a glimpse of them.

Different Types Of Fitness Apps

1. Hugh-intensity Interval Training Apps

This is a very interesting app concept that several gyms are having these days. These applications provide short period training workout (usually for 10 minutes long) where it trains the person on high intensive exercises.

These exercises need an intense workout and require a lot of energy and torches of calories to burn in a short time period. These applications are a very effective tool, though users must be trained. For a novice in workout, this application isn’t a good bet. It is very unsafe to use these applications for the people who have just started working out.

So, integrating HIIT programs in your application can helpful for gym enthusiasts so ensure to pick the right feature vertex.

2. Diet And Nutrition Apps

These applications are mainly focused on body nutrition and diet, that enable people to keep a track over their daily intakes. In these applications, pick the product that they ate from the list and feeds the weight, then the app provides the precise measure of calories consumed.

In this way, users can look how many calories they are consuming every day. This can help them in control, lose or gain weight.

Another very critical aspect of these applications is barcode scanner, that helps users to see the number of calories in food available in shopping store.

One such application that has got all of these features is Calories Counter- My Fitness Pal App. This is one of the best free fitness apps in the Google Play Store.

3. Apps For Tracking Activities

These applications focus on sports majorly. For instance, application for runners, cyclists or exercise trackers. Usually, they cover the movement of the person, like walking distance, number of steps taken during the hill-climbing, amount of calorie burned and many other.

These extended features of fitness application is really a great motivation tactic to encourage users to achieve fitness goals. For fitness enthusiasts, these applications are exciting and useful.

4. Apps With Personal Trainers

These applications offer users the opportunity to get personal assistance from a particular trainer or a fitness studio. Such applications are integrated with different types of functionality. A majority of them work like an organizer, where a user joins a training and cancels. Besides, live streaming is the most essential feature of these applications.

5. Meditation Apps

Another most popular category is meditation apps that provide mental healing to people with a wide range of mediation sounds and practice sessions. Sessions over these apps are very useful. There are numbers of sessions available there that enable users to relax their mind through meditation and yoga. Moreover, they have integrated with several features that inform users about session at a specific time.

So, now pick the one as per your need. Invest in fitness app wisely, by analyzing your target audience and their needs. Though, for an innovative app solution, you need to partner with an innovative app development company that created best fitness apps. Besides, the integration of modern technologies can also provide you the best solution. To know more, get in touch with us.


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