Bridge the Gap Between Your Users and Cinema Halls with Techugo, A Top Entertainment App Development Company

With people ditching the old ways of watching their favorite shows, movies, dramas, etc., on their TV screens, the craze of entertainment mobile apps and OTT platforms is growing, bringing some significant reasons to entrepreneurs to build their own tech-driven solutions while taking help from the top entertainment app development company in Canada like Techugo. We can help you turn your mobile screens into gigantic cinema halls that do not hold any time or location restrictions.

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Potential Benefits Associated with Entertainment App Development Done by Techugo

You can count on entertainment app development to streamline your existing business reach. With the tech integration, delivering quality entertainment to viewers worldwide becomes more seamless, intuitive, and exciting than ever. Instead of limiting the existence to a particular place, location, or cinema hall only, your business can come to every hand holding smartphones worldwide.

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Even the virtual events of 500, 5000, 50000, 500000 people, and so on can be easily managed and run, all thanks to robust tech integration like AI, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, IoT, etc. To get a box full of surprises, treasures, and profits, just join hands with Techugo, a top entertainment app development company in Canada, and get set ready for these benefits:

Participant Engagement

It is more seamless to capture the interest of your audience while providing them with surveys, reminders, interactions, contests, etc.

Multiple Events Management

Instead of putting energy on papers and links to schedule, promote, and manage multiple events, event managers can provide unmatched experiences to their clients seamlessly using some taps and clicks only.

Seamless Communication

Our app architecture adheres to industry standards and user preferences, ensuring your social media app encompasses everything necessary for success and growth. From design intricacies to user navigation, we meticulously plan every aspect of your app.Planners, presenters, attendees, and sponsors can communicate in real time, which opens doors for effortless communication.

Post-Event Interactions

Whether analyzing an event's impact, storing users' data, or receiving real-time feedback, everything is possible with a digital solution developed by our entertainment app development company.

No Pirated Content

Due to duplicate video content, the entertainment industry has to incur significant losses, thanks to entertainment apps that come as a rescuer and eliminate the problem by providing the same content at a reasonable price.

Brand Visibility

Offering great quality content without neglecting the incredible services unlocks the door to more opportunities that attract your customers and thus increase brand visibility.

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A pool of incredible talents at Techugo is efficient and skilled to add more to your potential endeavors. We design our services in such a way that removes risks and ensures guaranteed scalable growth and success. Protect your business ambitions while employing the services Techugo offers, being a top entertainment app development company in Canada, and build a road map to success. Here are our contributions that stay on your timelines and never feel short of commitment.

Our Entertainment App Development Services Stun the World with Major Offerings


Live Streaming Apps

In our gamut of services, live streaming apps like YouTube or radio-broadcasting channel-based apps are most popular because of the trend today people follow in social media and other digital solutions. To help you catch on this latest trend, we craft streaming apps with terrific features and let you record a win over brimming competition in the market.

Features we incorporate:
  • Account signup/sign-in
  • Live streaming & chats
  • Search Filters
  • Modes of payments
  • Customized feed
  • In-app subscription

Ticket Booking Portals

Movie theatres, live concerts, sports matches, etc., have come inside our mobile phones that not only let us watch our favorite events but also make the ticket booking procedure more hassle-free and seamless. Let’s forge our tech resources and digital alliance to kickstart your online ticket-booking portal.

Features we incorporate:
  • Seamless profile creation
  • Event arrangement and management
  • Geo-location
  • Ticket booking & download
  • Payment gateway
  • Reviews & ratings

Video Sharing Portals

To let users share video content and spread awareness creatively with their audience, our entertainment app development company in Canada integrates exciting features while leveraging its expertise in building a Saas-based multimedia content management platform and creating a revenue stream for creators. One of our incredibilities, JoshCam, is a perfect example of such an app.

Features we incorporate:
  • Account Registration
  • Multimedia upload
  • Editing tools
  • In-app purchases
  • Analytics and insights
  • Collaboration & communication features

Social Networking App

A digital solution that delivers what you have asked for and helps your business achieve new heights of success while bringing drastic changes to the existing business is developed by our terrific team of app developers at Techugo, a robust media and entertainment app development company. Let’s together provide this young generation with an exciting solution.

Features we incorporate:
  • Profile creation
  • Editing feature
  • AI-Powered personalized news feed
  • Chat support
  • Comment section
  • Advanced search

Music Streaming app

Developing a digital solution that lets music lovers connect and listen to their favorite artists, singers, composers, rappers, etc. while offering powerful features, interactive UI/UX design and dynamic performance is just a consultation away with Techugo, a giant entertainment app development company in Canada. Get in touch and bring a new revolution better than Spotify and YouTube Music with the experts who have delivered DJ Connect and FollowTheNotes.

Features we incorporate:
  • Profile creation
  • Search filters for music
  • In-app purchases
  • User’s personal liked creation
  • AI-enabled recommendation engine
  • Auto music shuffling

Media Content Management App

Whether you need a website or an app, we will help you build anything for creating, publishing, or managing your media content with our dynamic experience and expertise in crafting such systems that manage content, media assets, digital assets, and more. To make your music reach a broader audience, it’s high time to accept the power of digitalization offered by an entertainment app development company.

Features we incorporate:
  • Content upload
  • Content organization
  • Third-party integration
  • Search and filters
  • Built-in SEO tool
  • Content Editor

OTT App Development

Techugo adds power to your existing entertainment business models while integrating relevant technologies like microservices architecture, push notifications, and dynamic UI/UX in your own OTT platform. Provide your users with an easy-to-navigate, exciting, scalable, and dynamic OTT app and let them access their favorite shows, dramas, and movies anytime, anywhere with the support of our experts.

Features we incorporate:
  • In-app downloads
  • Watch list and ratings
  • Multi-user profiles
  • AI-powered personalized recommendation engine
  • In-app purchases

Mobile Games

To deliver an addictive gaming experience to your end users, you can trust our reliable developers at the top entertainment app development company in Canada, who use popular and advanced technologies like AR/VR, 3D animation, and augmented reality/virtual reality in their terrific solutions and bring the power to app performance. PickleBall AI is a perfect example of such an app that gives a new definition to the gaming world.

Features we incorporate:
  • Social signup/sign-in
  • Sounds effects
  • Captivating gameplay
  • Stunning graphics
  • Customer support
  • Fast loading time

Choose from the Wide Menu of Technologies for Your Entertainment App

Get the perks you always wanted for your business with these advanced technologies that our top entertainment app development company in Canada helps to integrate into your mobility solution.


Python, Laravel, Node



Streaming Media System

Wowza Streaming Engine, Nimble Streamer, Helix Universal Server

Data Storage

Amazon S3, Google Cloud Platform, AWS

Push Notifications, Twilio

Mobile SDK

Android, iOS


E-wallets, Stripes, Braintree & Paypal

Social Media Integration

Facebook, Twitter, Google


Mail Chimp Integration, Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB

SMS, Voice

Nemo, Twilio

Cloud Environment



What Makes Techugo Unique as an Entertainment App Development Company in Canada?

We let you take pride in your business modification while adding sophisticated technologies. The support and association, our app developers have been providing to businesses of all different verticals has given them several opportunities to bring innovations above the skyline. Here are other reasons that make us a reliable entertainment app development company in Canada for your business needs:

Defined Timelines

We deliver the project you need under the defined timelines so you will release your product sooner against the rivals or competitors and grab the most consumers and audiences.


Our entertainment app development company in Canada respects the idea and vision you have in your mind for that dreamed application and considers your advice and all other essentials that make the codes visible to you for use and review.

Robust Designers

The UI/UX designers of Techugo, a robust entertainment app development company, incorporate the potential of the latest design trends to build a scalable, user-friendly, and secure mobile application as per the business needs.

Experienced Team

We have a pool of 150+ experienced developers, designers, project managers, testers, marketers, etc, who know exactly what is right for your business and ensure their best support for your new recognition in the digital world.

Support & maintenance

While distributing the procedure into different milestones, our entertainment app development compay in Canada not just builds an app, but also provides the support & maintenance to fight against glitches, delays, and bugs for your improved performance in the market.

Business Acumen

We have provided our services to multiple industries and businesses of all sizes, from Byju’s to Lifology, Okomo 360, Partnersgate, TrueFan, and everything in between, and what adds more to our success is their business growth, expansion, and revenue generation.

Here is how we make your entertainment app move closer to more consumers and revolutionize your business:

  • Requirement Gathering
  • App Structure
  • Prototypes
  • App Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment

How We Chisel Your App Idea Being a Top Entertainment App Development Company in Canada?

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Our Incredible Builds that Turned a Startup into a Unicorn and an App into an Ed-Tech Giant

Major Product Delivery for Major Industries

Our mobile app development company in Canada always goes beyond the challenges, limitations, and confinement no matter what industries we serve.

Techugo is the best technology partner ever

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Frequently Asked

Providing you with your required digital solution is not an overnight thing. We build specific strategies, divide the app development journey into various milestones, and help you win over the competitive edge at every stage that forms the business idea into a terrific reality. Such as:

- Requirement gathering in which we learn about your app concept.

- App structures that let us both understand the design of your digital solution.

- Prototypes indicate how your end-users will navigate into the app after it is available.

- App Development incorporates several codes and technologies integration.

- Testing is done by the quality analysts of our entertainment app development company in Canada, which ensures the robust performance of the app without any bugs, issues, or glitches.

- Deployment is the time we make your app live on the preferred platform.

- Support and maintenance emphasize the help you need from our experts on the team for a specific period.

App development costs cannot be justified without listening to your app idea as factors like app features, tech integration, complexities, etc, determine it. However, don’t be worried, just book a consultation with our experts at the entertainment app development company in Canada and resolve all your doubts about its cost and the budget you need to build an OTT platform.

Yes, why not?
To track the profit generated by your app, you must include various elements like return on investment, daily/monthly active users, average revenue per paying user, lifetime value, retention rate, churn rate, etc.

The time to develop an entertainment app also depends on various factors that include app features, functionalities, complexities, etc., However, creating a robust entertainment app usually takes 6 to 12 months. If more features are integrated, the time an app develops can increase further.

We offer a dynamic range of digital solutions for our clients. Such as:

- Music streaming apps

- Image editing apps

- OTT platforms.

- Podcasting

- Live streaming

- Digital advertisement systems

If you want to develop any of these, just get in touch with our entertainment app development company in Canada.

Yes, we provide post-delivery support & maintenance of your app for a specific time to eradicate the bugs that may disturb its performance. If you are looking for such a technology partner, our entertainment app development company in Canada is the right choice.

Yes, here is a complete range of services our robust entertainment app development company in Canada offers:

- OTT app development

- Music streaming app development

- Social streaming app development

- Live streaming app development

- Multimedia editing & sharing app development

- Ticket booking app development

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