Grant Quick Access to Study with Our eLearning App Development Company in Canada

At Techugo, we build an extensive range of elearning solutions through which learners from schools, colleges, universities, and organizations can remotely access their visually appealing books, exciting classes, and intuitive courses to upgrade their skills and grow further. Being a top elearning app development company in Canada, we shift the dynamics from a four-walled classroom to a virtual room, meeting, and examination hall with the possible integration of modern technologies. To ensure higher returns on investment, just a consultation with our mobile app development company is all you need.


Our eLearning App Development Company Helps in Educating the Isolated Areas of the Globe


The grandeur of technology is unhidden with the world. Whether it be about reaching out to isolated regions, making deliveries with drones, and being immersed in a captivating virtual environment, all these have been possible with robust tech integration. And guess what? As a top eLearning app development company in Canada, we also let you bridge the gap between you and your end-users, no matter in which region they are located.

We facilitate the smooth transition of knowledge acquisition while integrating gamification, progress tracking, streamlined onboarding, and other special effects into your app idea, making it competitive against all your rivals and competitors


To cater to your specific business needs, we provide an array of services from which you can pick the best ones and unlock a treasure trove. The magnificent team of app developers at Techugo, a robust eLearning app development company in Canada, moves every mountain to deliver an improved mobility experience for learners. Discover the possibilities of business growth and expansion while joining hands with us.

We Let You Nurture Young & Creative Minds Digitally with Our eLearning App Development Services!

We are the leading partners of Byju's, an edtech brand known worldwide for the effortless learning experience it brings forward; Lifology, a Guinness World Record-winning elearning app; and Browzly, a reading app for children. While providing our dynamic range of services, we ensure some breathtaking advantages for the brands. If you also want to create a standalone solution, it's time to grab your hands on the exciting services we offer. Such as:


Employee Engagement Apps

Utilizing ground-breaking technologies, we create employee engagement mobile apps for Fortune 500 companies, startups, unicorns, budding entrepreneurs, and multi-billion companies worldwide. The exciting components we add to the app make it the newly edged solution for all your organizational needs. Get the perfect blend of tech innovations and relish the benefits of elearning app development.

Features we incorporate:
  • Instant Team Messaging
  • Task Management
  • People Directory
  • Company News Feed
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Access and Share Documents
  • Emotional Pulse Tracking
  • Time Tracking

Learning Management System (LMS)

Through the integration of LMS software, we help organizations create, manage, and deliver eLearning courses or content to the end users. The road to remarkable wins will always come closer while adding a modern, trendy, and essential feature like LMS into your digital solution. You will get closer to success sooner and drift the learning practices worldwide.

Features we incorporate:
  • Course Creation
  • Social learning
  • Gamification
  • Mobile Learning
  • Accreditation Management
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Custom Assessments
  • Asynchronous Learning

Content Management System (CMS)

Our eLearning app development company in Canada, Techugo, understands the gravity of your idea and ensures key values like Content Management System to turn it into a success-driven project. The feasibility of your digital solution to tap into a whole new world of opportunities increases with our association and continuous support on the go.

Features we incorporate:
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Multi-Language Content Creation
  • Security
  • Built-in SEO Tools
  • Reporting and Content Organization
  • Pre-made Templates
  • Publishing Controls

AR/VR Based Education App

As people love to immerse themselves in the virtual world to experience reality in a more enhanced way, the demand for AR/VR educational apps among students, learners, and employees has been increasing. And guess what? Our top elearning app development company in Canada understands the ins and outs of implementing the most AR/VR into your apps, so you'll surely captivate your audience.

Features we incorporate:
  • Interactive Visual Content
  • Face Tracking
  • Discovery-based learning
  • 3D Classrooms
  • 3D scanning
  • Gamification
  • Personalization
  • Adaptive Learning Paths

AI-Enabled Education App

The dynamics in the elearning industry have been taking new leaps since the world has recognized the worth of taking the execution to another level with AI integration. Indeed, tech is the next big thing in the world, bringing multiple opportunities for enterprises of all levels. If you also want to make possible impacts with AI, get in touch with our eLearning app development company in Canada.

Features we incorporate:
  • Adaptable Access
  • Decentralized Learning Systems
  • Smart Content Creation
  • Task Automation
  • Customized Data-Based Feedback
  • Personalized Learning
  • AI in Examinations
  • Determining Classroom Vulnerabilities

Education ERP Software

PMU, a digital product for one of the famous universities of Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammad bin Fahd, was built by Techugo while integrating the ERP software and other essential technologies, forming an ERP suite through which managing learning, fees, hostel, student info, inventory, etc. becomes seamless. To learn more about ERP software and how it will help you digitally, schedule a meeting with Techugo today.

Features we incorporate:
  • Easy Attendance Marking
  • Account Management
  • Integrated Bio Metric
  • Time Table Management
  • Performance Tracking
  • Login from each Branch
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Printed Fee Receipts

On-Demand Learning App

From 3D book reading and video learning to online video streaming digital solutions, get everything built by our eLearning app development company in Canada, which uses the perfect blend of creativity and tech to deliver exceptional solutions that elevate educational standards, facilitate remote accessibility, and augment the learning experience.

Features we incorporate:
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Video-Based Content
  • Multilingual Support
  • Live Tutorials
  • Personalization
  • Social Media Integration
  • Smart Search
  • Course Updates

Custom E-Learning Web App

Techugo knows the art of building responsive and intuitive mobile apps that meet the demands of your next-generation learners and boost their enthusiasm to yet another level. The advancement we introduce in your elearning web app makes the entire learning procedure more enjoyable, thus giving you a higher consumer retention rate.

Features we incorporate:
  • External APIs
  • Collaboration
  • Deep Analytics and Reporting
  • Online Course Catalog
  • Immersive Learning
  • mLearning and Microlearning
  • Responsive Design
  • Live Tutorials

Language Learning App

Your users' search for the best language learning app will end soon when you offer them the one crafted by technology partner Techugo, a top eLearning app development company. While infusing the power of state-of-the-art codes and robust features, the journey from registration to navigating throughout the app becomes seamless. Get our tech support to build an app for your audience.

Features we incorporate:
  • Audio & Text Exercises
  • Speech Recognition
  • Pronunciation Feedback
  • Progress Tracking
  • Quizzes
  • AI-based Tutoring
  • Social Learning
  • Gamification
Streamline Elearning


Our eLearning App Development
Company in Canada Adds Top
Tiers to Your Educational

Our way to bring the disruptive edge to your business does not end with developing your eLearning digital solution because we go further to let you grab the magical impacts while taking care of some important tiers, which include:


Security aspects like access control, non-repudiation, confidentiality, etc., are ensured by our elearning app development company for a shield that protects and secures the users' data.

Seamless Integration

We provide quality-driven elearning digital solutions with the collaboration of Single Sign-On (SSO) & secure payment gateways and enhance app performance, functionality, and user experience.

Compliance and Accessibility

To meet the provincial and federal laws requirements, our tech company incorporates COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) compliance within the app and makes it an interaction solution for your kids.

We Create an Applaud-Worthy eLearning App Using These Tech Stack

Providing your end-users a personalized and adaptive learning experience with significant elements like progress tracking, lessons, and timetable management is only possible when you integrate the best picks from this robust tech stack offered by our elearning app development company.

Mobile SDK

Android, iOS


MongoDB, Mail Chimp, HBase, Integration Cassandra, MS-SQL, MariaDB, Firebase, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Oracle


Braintree, Stripe, E-Wallets, Paypal

Push Notifications

Braintree, Stripe, E-Wallets, Paypal

SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification

Nexmo, Twilio

Streaming Media System

Wowza Streaming Engine, Nimble Streamer, Helix Universal Server

Cloud Environment


Framework & Languages

.NET Core,, C#,


MVP, MVVM, Microservices, MVC

Front End

React, Angular, jQuery, Bootstrap, WPF, Vue


Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Azure, Docker, AWS


Postman, Browser Stack, Katalon Test Studio, OWASP ZAP, Selenium, Apache JMeter

Project Management Tools

Basecamp, Slack, Trello, Jira


Magento, WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal


Node.JS, Python, Larabel, PHP, Rails, .NET

Unravel the Wonders to Success-Laden Path with Techugo, A Leading eLearning App Development Company

eLearning  App Development

Seasoned Developers

The ability to deliver a quality-centric product for your end-users no matter to which industry you belong, what challenges your existing business model faces, and what essentials you want to provide your end-users with blazing experience is all ensured by seasoned developers of our top eLearning app development company.


Enchanting Experience

An app, business, or digital solution only gets success when it ensures that its end-users are felt, heard, or understood, and the best way to reward your end-users with these is by delivering an enchanting experience, and yes, our high-graded technocrats are also skilled in this too.


Agile Methodology

With our agile methodology, you can bring maximum value to your business and let it ensure big achievements like never before. For magnificent success, get in touch with our top elearning app development company and help your business reach dynamic outcomes and positive results.


Business Acumen

We are the real creators behind various revolutionary solutions developed for businesses of all sizes worldwide. The partnership we ensure for our clients lets them achieve various progressive milestones that expand the business reach and expansion. Get in touch with our eLearning app development company in Canada to make the most of power-packed technologies.


Delivering Success

In our 8+ years of working tremendously with global brands worldwide, we have developed 750+ success-driven applications and boosted business sales. Access the extensive library our company offers and unveil what you should integrate into your ultimate solution for its robust performance.


Consistent Delivery

We bring you closer to your dream product while ensuring consistent delivery that takes your business to another level. From ideation to deployment, we help you in the best way possible and turn all challenges into opportunities for the magnificent win and delivery of your product.

Our eLearning App Development Procedure Are Tailored to Suit Your Specific Business Needs

Providing your end-users a personalized and adaptive learning experience with significant elements like progress tracking, lessons, and timetable management is only possible when you integrate the best picks from this robust tech stack offered by our elearning app development company.

eLearning  App Development

We start the app development after analyzing your idea, how we can turn it into a reality, and expanding your business reach and profit. The power we decide to infuse into your app becomes the ultimate way to win and secure various futuristic opportunities for your business.


Now, to initiate the app idea, we prepare a roadmap through which it becomes seamless and effortless to achieve various milestones that will lead to successful product delivery. Considering and implementing our elearning app development services, we bring you closer to your destined goals.

App Architecture

Our app architecture consists of all essentials that follow the market standards and users' preferences. You will find everything on your digital solution, from the design specifics to navigation, to learn what we plan to include in your app for its success and growth.

Wireframes & Prototypes

Design specifics cannot be understood with just verbal discussions because we have to view and go through them to learn about the user journey. So, our eLearning app development company in Canada prepares wireframes & prototypes to give you insight into the user journey throughout the app.

App Development

The experience and expertise we have, ensure the top-notch performance of your elearning app as our high-graded developers integrate the robust code, state-of-the-art technologies, and other dynamic elements to let you record a marvellous win in your sector.

Testing & QA

Once the app is developed, our QA experts start their work and analyze its performance by identifying and debugging the errors, issues, and problems. Only after they are satisfied with the results, the app gets published to the decided platform.


It is time to deploy the app to the main platform and end your waiting period. As the app is ready for download by your end-users, you can implement marketing strategies to captivate all new users towards the digital solution.

Support & Maintenance

If bugs or some issues appear in the app after its deployment, our elearning app development company in Canada will commence their work again and make it a bug-free solution. Also, to update your app, we will provide our best support and association.

Innovative Thinkers at Techugo
Build Robust Apps

The list of our builds is vast. Tap into the dynamics we have created for businesses worldwide and helped them push their digital reach with terrific technologies like Machine Learning, AI, and Blockchain.

Our Customized Digital Products are Built for All Industry Verticals

We have been catering to the digital needs of different industries, whether it be:

Our Satisfying Clients & Their Experience With Us

We deliver impactful results for our clients worldwide. Don't trust us? Hear from them and learn how we ensure their enthusiasm.

Frequently Asked

Creating a digital product is only useful once your business churns out some significant benefits from it, and guess what? Not just we build your dream application, but also unlock opportunities for you to lead ahead against all the competitors. When you collaborate with our elearning app development company, you will have benefits like:

- Enhanced user engagement

- Better revenue generation

- More opportunities and growth

- Improved business reach

Techugo is an elearning app development company in Canada that the world knows as a potential tech partner for our top-quality services and results to clients while dividing the app development journey into achievable milestones, such as:

- Requirement Gathering

- Project Discussion

- Engagement Model

- Delivery

- Project Initiation

- Testing & Deployment

- Support & Maintenance

The features we most include in an elearning app are online assessment, results, real-time chat, filter search, and online live sessions.

As the app development cost cannot be told without listening to your app idea, book a consultation with our elearning app development company in Canada and reveal the actual cost from the experts.

Yes, we are the proud partner of various elearning companies and have created projects for them like Byju's, India's largest edtech company; Browzly, a reading app for children; Lifology, a Guinness World Record-winning app; PMU, Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University, etc. To learn more about our past projects, you can visit the portfolio of Techugo, a top elearning app development company.

Our extensive range of services has expanded to healthcare, food delivery, on-demand, e-commerce, entertainment, fintech, e-scooter, etc. We can create digital products for any entrepreneurs in this specific industry.

Yes, why not?
By integrating features like mobile learning, reporting & dashboards, course creation, custom assessments, gamification, social learning, etc., we will help you develop your own learning management system and scatter your business reach.

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