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Mobile App Development
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Techugo helps you solve real business problems with terrific solutions that will blow your competition away. We deploy state-of-the-art technologies like AI, Blockchain, AR, VR, etc., to ensure that every bit of your app’s UI/UX delivers a delightful user experience. Create a new, splendid journey and turn yourself into a market leader globally with our services catering to all business needs and requirements.

iOS App Development

Our custom mobile app development company in Canada builds insightful, joyful, and unique apps that concern Apple’s product line with visually appealing UI/UX. We put our heads together to research and implement innovative tools that positively impact the product. Embrace the innovative revolt with Techugo and become a champion in your niche.

Android App Development

Utilizing the secret recipe behind the unparalleled advantages of Android app development, we streamline your business growth. The tech support provided by our mobile app development company in Toronto ensures unprecedented success and revolution. Unleash the creativity with Techugo and develop intuitive apps that can grow to billions of users.

AI App Development

Our state-of-the-art AI services are based on your specific business needs, market sentiments, and ever-evolving requirements. We let you conquer your segment and reward your business with the highest ROI and other benefits while viewing your idea from a 360-degree angle and working on specific elements that weave your success story.

Web App Development

We have been trusted by various big enterprises, SMBs, unicorns, and startups from all significant industries for deriving positive results. The win-win situation we bring to clients takes their business to the next level and helps them stay ahead of the crowd. Our trained developers, while adopting customer-focused strategies, have helped the clients meet their progressive milestones.

Hybrid App Development

We harness the power of hybrid apps to let businesses expand their reach to multiple platforms and add value to their end users. Overcoming the challenges, our hybrid mobile app development company in Canada makes it a cakewalk for you to deliver a significant mobile app with all the details and features that boost your customer satisfaction.

React Native App Development

Integrating the React Native framework, we build a future-ready app for you that targets your consumer base against all the competitive element and secure your place in the market like never before. Whether it be entertainment, food delivery, eCommerce, social media, healthcare, fintech apps, etc., we will help you build any industry-specific solution you want by leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

Flutter App Development

Not just React Native, but our mobile app development company Calgary, is also skilled in Flutter to strengthen your digital presence. We can refine your Flutter app idea, derive a disruptive digital platform, and let you dominate the cross-platform ecosystem. So what about going on a roller-coaster journey with us for your next project?

Machine Learning App Development

Launch an extensively engineered Machine Learning solution and ignite consistent growth. When you work closely with us, we will craft not just a product but a roadmap together that brings the maximum advantages and automates your entire business operations. Embrace the technical support of mobile app development company Ottawa and supercharge your magnificent gains.

Blockchain App Development Company

From Blockchain wallet development to metaverse development, we cover all your needs and derive a perfect solution that lets you tap into the world of technologies, creativity, and opportunities. Choose from multiple Blockchain networks like Optimism, Ethereum, Binance, Cardano, Hyperledger, etc., and develop your own Blockchain app with our mobile app development company Vancouver.

AR/VR App Development

Get a myriad of benefits with our AR/VR apps and go beyond maximizing your digital presence and expanding your network in all industries. With our 8+ years of experience creating a new benchmark of excellence for entrepreneurs, you will receive what you dreamed of, so delight your users with measurable product development by utilizing AR/VR.

Software Development

Here’s your chance to partner with a terrific software app development company in Toronto that deploys the capabilities of breathtaking technologies and ensures accelerated growth for your business goals and operations. We will empower you with our knowledge, expertise, and insights to extract as many benefits as possible while mitigating all internal threats.

Wearable App Development

From building a bespoke wearable app to moving your existing mobile app to the trendy version of Android WearOS & Apple WatchOS, our top custom mobile app development company in Canada can support you in every way and deliver blazing-fast digital experiences. Book a consultation today to learn how we can help you with your robust wearable app.

Node JS Development

Unblock all the threads and bring your end-users toward a blazing-fast experience with Node js development done by the exceptional team of Techugo. We hit the bull eye while tuning the codes and tech stack for your upcoming Node js product. Let’s schedule a meeting and embrace all the golden opportunities arriving with the solution built by our mobile app development company in Toronto.

UI/UX Design

While keeping the user at the center of our mobile experience, we derive impeccable UI/UX human-centered design for multiple digital platforms like phones, smart displays, tablets, desktops, etc. Our UI/UX designers can significantly impact your success and growth while leveraging their expertise in prototyping, wireframing, and building apps that represent your business.

IoT App Development

We are flexible in deploying IoT for smart homes, wearables, and equipment-tracking solutions. You can count on us as the best mobile app development company Vancouver to derive something unique and exceptional for your business. The specialized IoT team of Techugo is upgrading the definition of success for various entrepreneurs; you can be the next.

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Technology Partner

A CMMI Level 3

Since 2015, we have been reinventing the industries while integrating digital transformation with the efforts of our 150+ high-graded developers, who induce more productivity, overhaul the entire IT system, and offer you a track record of success.

Skilled Techies to Cater All
Business Needs

As a top mobile app development company in Canada, Techugo caters to all your needs, whether you belong to SMBs, startups, enterprises, unicorns, or Fortune 500 companies. Just work with our digitally native professionals and witness the next dynamic revolution ruling the market.

Collaborated with Celebrities,
Players, Intellectuals

With our robust product delivery, we pushed the frontier of app development and grabbed the attention of some dynamic personalities like Messi, Kareena Kapoor, Shubham Gill, Kiran Bedi, Scott McGillivary, etc.

Created a Guinness World
Record Winning App

Our leading mobile app development company in Toronto doesn’t stop here but moves beyond and further while creating a Guinness World Record Winning app that reshapes the career guidance industry.

Carry Your Voyage to
Digital Treasure

Get the most out of this tech world with our dynamic capabilities to code and create. With the ultimate goal to help you win digital treasure, we will be there for you to begin a new journey and a roadmap of success. Let’s derive impeccable results together and set a new benchmark in your industry.


Technologies Used By Our Mobile App Development Company for Faster Results

Google Cloud Run
Objective C
Amazon AWS
Node JS
Angular JS
Microsoft SQL
C & C++
Adobe XD

We Serve to All
Major Industries

Techugo is renowned as a top mobile app development company in Canada for creating scalable solutions that ensure quality standards for all industry verticals.
Star Electronic Health Records
Star Preventive Care Tool
Star Medical Device Integration Solutions
Star Remote Patient Monitoring Platform
Star Doctor-On Demand App
Real Estate
Star Property Management Apps
Star Virtual Property Tours
Star Real Estate Investment Application
Star Home Valuation Tools
Star Buying or Renting Platforms
Food Delivery
Star Grocery Delivery App Development
Star Restaurant POS Software Development
Star Direct Delivery Platform
Star Food Delivery Solutions
Star Cloud Kitchen Delivery App
Star Sports Betting Apps
Star Fantasy Sports App Development
Star Sports Inventory & Equipment Store Solutions
Star Coaching Platforms
Star Apps for Sports News and Analysis
Star Digital Payment Solution
Star Investment Platform
Star Digital Lending App Development
Star Consumer Finance App Development
Star Online Banking Apps
Star Shopping Cart App Development
Star Shipping and Fulfilment Platforms
Star End-to-End Marketplace
Star Payment Processing Solutions
Star AR/VR-based eCommerce App
Star Ticket & Hotel Booking App Development
Star Travel Guide Solutions
Star Travel Finance App Development
Star Transport Booking App
Star Currency Conversion Platforms
Star Wellness App
Star Gym Equipment Management Platform
Star Online Workout Coach Apps
Star Home Workout Solution
Star Fitness Tracker
Star eLearning App Development
Star Virtual Classrooms
Star Language Learning App
Star Video Conferencing Platforms
Star Online Exam Management System
Star GPS Tracking
Star Warehouse Management Solutions
Star Route Planning App Development
Star Inventory Management Platforms
Star Driver Time Management Systems
Star OTT App Development
Star Video Streaming App Development
Star Music Streaming App
Star VFX Solutions
Star Karaoke Platforms
Social Media
Star Messaging App Development
Star Dating Apps
Star Media Sharing & Social Networking Apps
Star Community Solutions
Star Matrimony Platforms
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Delivering Exceptional
Products in This Digital


Amalgamating the tech, our experts have shifted the standards of businesses and escalated their user growth. Look at our portfolio to know more.

Design / Development / Branding
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We collaborated with VerSe Innovation to develop JoshCam. An interactive & powerful video editor with hundreds of ready-to-use templates & advanced editing features. We helped our partner launch an app that allows their target audience to make short videos and image slideshows & share them on their favourite social networks.

Design / Development / Branding
View Project


While giving the aesthetic vibes of a restaurant and lip-smacking food to an app, our mobile app development company in Canada unravelled the complexities and mitigated the challenges of Gastronomica. From concept to completion, our developers found a perfect way through which Milkbun got closer to success.

Design / Development / Branding
View Project


An incredible coaching app that helped users connect with coaches worldwide to emphasize learning was developed at Techugo. We wove together a web of exceptionalities for the unique project requirements and made the client proud with 30K+ downloads after the launch.

Design / Development / Branding
View Project


Through a captivating mobile app experience, we fortified the scalability strategy and navigated the dynamic landscape of the learning experience seamlessly. The developers at Techugo recorded a collaborative triumph with aesthetically built video lessons and unlocked the full potential of India’s largest edtech company.

Design / Development / Branding
View Project


Not just we built a gigantic milk delivery app but also helped our clients scale a 100% digital milk home delivery model to support the livelihood of 10K+ daily farmers from 3K+ villages. While sliding the bar of conventional milk delivery, we made it a great history and crafted a new standard with 50,000+ milk delivered daily.

Design / Development / Branding
View Project


A fast, reliable, and elegant way to shop and get your groceries delivered to your doorsteps is what BuyEazzy is all about. Infusing the right technologies and robust framework, we curated this most dynamic product that promises the convenience of online shopping like never before. While getting $1.3 Million Funding Boost from Incubate Fund India and M Venture Partners, BuyEazzy stayed ahead in the commitment.


Frequently Asked

Our end-to-end mobile app development services are wide and scattered to all business industries and spheres. With our strong track record in every high-graded technology from Android, Blockchain, IoT, AR/VR, iOS, Artificial Intelligence, etc., you will definitely have some remarkable results. Get the app designing, developing, testing, and deployment done by Techugo, the best mobile app development company in Canada, and witness your exceptional growth.

While Java and Kotlin are commonly used in Android app development, Swift and Objective-C are preferred in iOS app development, and for cross-platform, our developers at Techugo use React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin to write the code once and deploy the same to various platforms.

Several factors fluctuate the cost of developing a mobile app, such as business requirements, project goals, app complexities, features, platform, functionalities, tech stack, time to develop, location of the app developers, etc. We can estimate the cost once we listen to your app idea and analyze these factors. So, let's reach out to our experts at the best mobile app development company in Canada to unveil the cost of developing your dream app.

Yes, Techugo is not only known for the groundbreaking tech resources we provide but also for our support and maintenance services that ensure specific work on digital projects done by our mobile app development company to enhance their competency in the market.

It is essential to opt for the right technology partner who holds the potential, expertise, and relevant experience that upscales your market reach, enhances your revenue generation, improves consumer retention, and, for all those benefits, ensures you go through the business listing sites like Clutch, Business of Apps, etc. to find your perfect match or you can also check the clients' testimonials or past projects of a company to learn about them.

Our robust mobile app development company in Toronto creates the digital ventures of businesses of all industry verticals, including elearning, food delivery, healthcare, agriculture, on-demand, fintech, e-scooter, entertainment, e-commerce, etc. No matter which industry your project belongs to, we will build its digital twin with our robust code integration and tech support.

Techugo, a terrific mobile app development company in Canada, has built 750+ applications and helped entrepreneurs of all domains streamline their business reach. Here are some of the incredibilities that make us unique and superior to other IT companies:

- A CMMI Level 3 company

- Creative Heads

- Built a Guinness World Record-winning app

- Collaborating with celebrities, influencers, government, intellectuals, players, etc.

- Helped a startup turn into an unicorn

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