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Say 'hello' to enhanced customer satisfaction, conversion, and profit generation while joining hands with Techugo, a top eCommerce app development company in Canada. With the unified solution we deliver to you, lower abandonment rates will accelerate the digital journey of your existing business. Let's combine the brightest and creative strategies of some exceptional talents and invite potential perks for your end-users and eCommerce business.

eCommerce App

Give Birth to a Digital Warrior with Our eCommerce App Development Company in Canada

Digital eCommerce

Integrating your business into a mobile app comes with multiple benefits because you are not only available in your brick-and-mortar store but in every mobile phone that digitally ensures your business continuity, reach, and improved customer loyalty. Being a top eCommerce app development company in Canada, we address persistent technology pain points and challenges to deliver a ready-to-market solution. While taking note of the growing market for virtual purchases, our eCommerce digital solutions retain businesses' digital space and grab the opportunity to improve their levels.

Let's create a ground-breaking eCommerce app

  • 150+ Master Craftsmen
  • 750+ Robust Products Delivered
  • 8+ Years Creating Exceptionalities
  • 95+ Clients Loved Our Work
eCommerce App

Techugo, your online digital catalyst, will make your business more intuitive, responsive, and attractive to end users while building industry-leading online store management software solutions. Get in touch with our leading eCommerce app development company and stand out in today's competitive market as you can go above the competitive edge with leading solutions like these:

Terrific Retail Solutions Offered by Our eCommerce App Development Company

We are the leading partners of Byju's, an edtech brand known worldwide for the effortless learning experience it brings forward; Lifology, a Guinness World Record-winning elearning app; and Browzly, a reading app for children. While providing our dynamic range of services, we ensure some breathtaking advantages for the brands. If you also want to create a standalone solution, it's time to grab your hands on the exciting services we offer. Such as:


InHouse Retail Business Management Software

From stock management to payment transactions and sales inquiries, get control of every operation effortlessly with our end-to-end ERP system. With all the technological advancement, there will only be exceptional results knocking at your door.


Inventory Management Software

While joining hands with our eCommerce app development company in Canada, you can build responsive, web-based, and mobile apps and let retailers expand their understanding of the inventory in online marketplaces like Amazon. Use the potential of tools and creativity and move closer to successful years.


POS Software Development

Whether it be a pharmacy, grocery, or general store, create a robust Point of Sale (POS) platform with the tech support provided by our eCommerce app development company and efficiently track bought goods or products while generating invoices and bills.


C2C eCommerce App Development

Such platforms are required for customers to sell their goods or products to other customers. As the trend of reusing items is in the air, give a new definition to your shopping, bargain, multilingual support, etc., while adding C2C eCommerce as the necessary element.


Multi-Vendors Retail App Development

Allow vendors from different verticals to come under one roof, create digital shops, and sell their goods or products online, just like Amazon. With the technical support our eCommerce app development company in Canada provides, you can turn all the challenges into dynamic opportunities and thus create a competitive edge.


B2B eCommerce App

Techugo can help you bridge the gap between business vendors and retail factories or wholesalers by enabling them to buy/sell their products from/to other businesses with multi-currency payments, track order fulfillment, and shipment management.


Sales Management Software

Our eCommerce app development company in Canada will help you build a CRM software solution for your retail business, using which you can manage client relationships, track your sales, and grow your business towards new heights with various other essentials.


eCommerce Website Development

No matter what custom requirements you put in, our eCommerce mobile app development company in Canada will meet all the essential features you need, like payment gateway integration, order management, secure checkout, sales analytics, etc.


Marketing Technology

Leveraging marketing technologies like Salesforce, Open Source, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, MailChimp, Pardot, etc., you can derive more consumer engagement to your eCommerce platform and thus get closer to business goals.

eCommerce Dev


Cutting-edge Technologies that Give an Advanced Shape to Your Existing eCommerce Solution

Other than the tech stack that every app mainly includes, we consider these giants according to the client's requirements and help them unlock a huge potential of revenue that maximizes their growth and blows the competition away. If you also want to enjoy this robustness, don't forget to get in touch with one of the best eCommerce app development companies in Canada.


Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, we help businesses automate their processes and get analytics, visibility, and insights into customer behavior. It is only from a one-stop solution that everything gets tackled. We are already aware of the dynamicity of these technologies, so what about integrating them? Let's join hands to talk about this.


As a top eCommerce mobile app development company in Canada, we also develop immersive metaverse 3D spaces to enhance users' interaction with your products. Let's provide a cohesive shopping experience to your customers while extracting rewards from amalgamating robust technologies like Blockchain, AI, and AR/VR that shape Metaverse.

Cloud Computing

Choose from our extensive range of cloud services, like cloud management, migration, optimization, etc., and ensure a convenient place for data storage. With Techugo, a top eCommerce app development company in Canada, you can accelerate your business growth, expand its reach, and deliver a convenient way to deal with obstacles.


Customer interaction will leave no magical impacts without the top-of-the-line security ensured by Blockchain, a robust technology everyone admires for its capabilities to build decentralized, public, and secure systems. Get in touch with the experts of our eCommerce app development company if you want to churn out benefits from Blockchain for your business.

Data Analytics

Our data analytics services are advanced as they deliver immense value to your eCommerce business. Based on the customer's shopping data, you can provide personalized services and product delivery and thus take your business above the skyline where no other rivals are present, and you are only the ruling power.

Power-Packed Features Ensured by Our eCommerce App Development Company

When you join hands with Techugo, you will meet with various positive results because of the integration we make, whether it is related to technologies, third parties, or features. So, always ensure you get the best of both worlds and maximize your ROI.

eCommerce Packed

Common Features

These are some standard features for all eCommerce apps that should be there for the best-in-class app user experience and improved retention rate.

  • Zoom in & out
  • Products Gallery
  • Loyalty programs
  • Display and order tracking
  • Search Filters
  • Social media integration
  • Multilingual support
  • Voice search optimization
  • Push notification
  • Product price comparison
  • Different payment gateways
  • AI-enabled chatbots

User Panel

To attract more users and customers, you must not neglect the efficiency of these significant and valuable features:

  • Personalization
  • Customer support center
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Product link-sharing options
  • Multilingual support
  • Product filtering and sorting
  • Order management
  • Quick and guiding onboarding
  • Multiple purcStore-map
  • Payment gateways
  • Product reviews
  • Multiple login/sign-up
  • Personalization
  • Store-map

Vendor Panel

Here is a complete list of all features that must be added to the vendor panel of your eCommerce app for your business's streamlined success:

  • Product catalog management
  • Online shop performance report
  • Manage delivery locations
  • Vendor membership management
  • Advanced vendor dashboard
  • Bulk product upload
  • Generate product shipping labels
  • Order management
  • Product review management
  • Vendor storefront

Admin Panel

Our eCommerce app development company in Canada ensures these features to the admin panel to let them manage their online retail business, enhance the front-store experience, and build digital retail stores:

  • Real-time notifications
  • Simple inventory management
  • Promotions & rewards
  • Social media integration
  • Store map management
  • Easy shopping cart administration
  • Users management

Robust Tech Stack Offered by Our eCommerce App Development Company

We are skilled in building exceptional, ever-evolving, success-driven solutions while utilizing these terrific technologies. 


Python, Laravel, Node



Streaming Media System

Wowza Streaming Engine, Nimble Streamer, Helix Universal Server

Data Storage

Amazon S3, Google Cloud Platform, AWS

Push Notifications, Twilio

Mobile SDK

Android, iOS


E-wallets, Stripes, Braintree & Paypal

Social Media Integration

Facebook, Twitter, Google


Mail Chimp Integration, Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB

SMS, Voice

Nemo, Twilio

Cloud Environment


A Quality-Driven Development Process from Discovery to Support by Our eCommerce App Development Company


To create your dynamic project, we first discover the market and recognize applications and solutions that deliver similar services. Looking at those apps, our experts at the top eCommerce mobile app development company in Canada understand the relevancy we need to attach to your app to satisfy your business requirements and meet the market standards.


We give a design to your app idea in this stage and make it present to you as wireframes & prototypes, whose key roles are portraying the users' navigation throughout the application. After getting approval from our clients, our design team builds UI/UX elements while our development team incorporates robust codes and technologies.

Development and Testing

Techugo, one of the best eCommerce app development companies in Canada, creates the necessary tech components, APIs, and other essentials to connect them for exciting, intuitive, and robust product delivery. We take care of everything from the intuitive user experience to dynamic features for you to make it a great hit just after the app launch.

Deployment and Maintenance

Once the app is developed successfully, our Quality Analysts team tests for its performance, looks for bugs/issues, and proper designing elements, and when no malware is found, they publish the app to their preferred platform. However, that does not mean we bid adieu; to maintain the app's performance, we provide our support for a specific period.

Our Own Forte is Big and


110K+ users in a month, scattered in 6 locations, listed under the World’s 50 best restaurants


24M Users, Guinness World Record Winning Guidance App, Experts from 30+ Nations.

Verse innovation

$5 Billion Valuation, 50M+ User Base, Partnered with Google & Microsoft


$9.8 Billion Giant, 1 lakh daily transactions, 30K+ Retailers, Celeb as Brand Ambassador, Kareena Kapoor ambassador


1M+ TrueFans, 4.4 Star Rating, $4.3M Seed Funding Raised, Indian Celebs at Truefan


150M+ Students, $5.6B Raised, $18B Valuation, Messi as brand ambassador

Techugo: How Our eCommerce App Development Company is Unique?

We empower your eCommerce app development journey most seamlessly without making you worry about anything. Here are other valid reasons that will stick in your mind and make you collaborate with us super soon for your next-gen product.

Fintech App Development

Our eCommerce mobile app development company in Canada will work closely with you and give details about every other code and tech integration we have done through communication channels like Zoho Cliq.

Experienced Team

The experts at Techugo have developed terrific products in all industry verticals utilizing almost every technology, so they hold the power to curb any obstacle and challenge into the leading app development.

Robust Designers

Not just we are known for our robust tech integration but also for the design elements. You can contact our designers at the leading eCommerce app development company to bring some lifelike experience to the app.

Defined Timelines

As our app development process is divided into defined timelines, you will get your product delivered on time and enjoy all the opportunities after launching your product before your competitors.

Support & Maintenance

We don't stop just after deploying your app to its preferred platform or device but extend the efforts to add more excellence to the app with our support & maintenance services.

Business Acumen

While collaborating and building 750+ applications in just a tenure of 8+ years, we have become a business acumen, bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and their desired revenue

Techugo is Everywhere, from Healthcare and eLearning to eCommerce

Yes, our products are renowned in every industry due to the impactful results we provide. Embrace technological innovation from our app development company in Canada and digitalize your business too.

Things You Must Hear From Our Clients

We also like word of mouth, and here is how our clients assure and increase our brand credibility with it.

Frequently Asked

Our services are enormous; you can look into and decide which services you want to take from our eCommerce app development company in Canada.

- InHouse Retail Business Management Software

- POS Software Development

- Multi-Vendors Retail App Development

- Sales Management Software

- C2C eCommerce App Development

- Inventory Management Software

- B2B eCommerce App

- eCommerce Website Development

- Marketing Technology

We follow various steps to create an intuitive, user-centric, and quality-driven eCommerce app. Such as:

- Research: The team of geeks keen research the market.

- Goals: We set the goals and objectives to be achieved.

- Platform: Choose the platform where we will upload the app, i.e., Android, iOS, or others.

- Features: Define various trendy and robust features.

- UI/UX: Emphasize the design elements to attract an audience.

- MVP: Create an MVP or a full-fledged app according to your requirements.

Get in touch with our eCommerce app development company if you like the way we create your app.

Here is a list of all the significant technologies we prefer to use. Such as:

- Backend: Python, Laravel, Node

- Frontend: JavaScript

- Streaming Media System: Wowza Streaming Engine, Nimble Streamer, Helix Universal Server

- Data Storage: Amazon S3, Google Cloud Platform, AWS

- Push Notifications:, Twilio

- Mobile SDK: Android, iOS

- Payments: E-wallets, Stripes, Braintree

That's not it, but our eCommerce app development company also uses terrific technologies like Blockchain, AR/VR, AI, and IoT.

Several factors are responsible for determining the cost of an eCommerce app, such as:

- App features

- Tech stack

- Platform selection

- Complexities

- Functionalities

- Testing method

- Location of the developers

- Time to develop an app

And various others. To know the actual cost, just have a discussion with our eCommerce app development company in Canada.

Yes, our support is exceeded beyond the app development and deployment for a specific time.

Yes, why not?
Here are all the essentials you must consider before building an eCommerce website. Such as:

- User-friendly design

- Payment gateway


- Customer service

- Inventory management

- Product categorization

- Mobile Optimization

Also, pay attention to site speed, scalability, and user experience for the terrific eCommerce build.

Yes, our eCommerce app development company in Canada provides NDA to each client to ensure the security and confidentiality of their app idea, codes, and tech integration.

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