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9 Sep 2019

Micromoment Essentials Of App Marketing, No One Ever Told You Before!

Apps have become a part of our life and they exist in every micro-moment around us, which help us to access every service without a pause.

Let’s take a quick rewind of daily life; you get up with alarm, and open your eyes while checking whatsapp, then the coffee you sip in the morning, actually brews further, when you are reading messages or checking some news feed on your Smartphone, which further gels with the daily routine of booking a taxi, getting on a client call, leaving important message, or shutting the window blinds with app command.

I know I am not carving out something special or giving any new information, rather it depicts the daily route of our lives, which goes in, around and within the apps.

Apps have blanketed our schedule with a technical cover!

On the other hand, when you look closely, then you realize that apps are the best resource for attaining the much-discussed scenario of I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do, I-want-to-buy; the micro-moment model of our daily requirements.

However, another sad fact suggests that these moments are not entertained by every app in the market, and some of the best possible built solutions, die, much before they could see the sunrays of success.

Apps are the powerful branding plan for your business but they need to be pampered in order to take out the benefits from them.

Look around you, and you will see every hoarding, ad, video snippet, banner, online ad, only happen to help in crafting a strong branding strategy, to help the users to find the services in a much-optimized manner, letting users find it relatable and buy without any further ado.

Albeit in the fuss of marketing hassle, some of the best models of app marketing become the afterthought and despite bearing huge relevance get the bleakest chance to survive the odds of competition.

Here in this post, we’ve tried to compile some of the essentials, which after being embraced can bring the maximum outcome. Let’s take a walk through….

Strategy #1

The store is not just the place, to find apps!

My question to you,” Where do you find the apps?”

In the stores…right?

Nope, this is where you are hugely mistaken because store is not just space where your audience can find your app.

It’s a general perception suggesting that every app can easily be identified on stores, but the report avers a different story.

Only 40% of smartphone users browse for apps in app stores.

And remaining 60% find about the app, through different means such as: by watching a YouTube video or searching a mobile website.

You need to understand that one in four apps get discovered through search, wherein a user while searching for a specific aspect, get multiple results and search engine brings the best out of the search.

So promote your app on every channel, because you never know where your potential user must be sitting and scrolling through to find an app like yours.

Strategy #2

Content marketing, no it’s not just about the blog!

It is very naïve to think that only blog and articles are the types of content. Such types of content is the elaborated form of content, but some different types of content can also trigger the app’s success to a larger extent.

First and the foremost here is app store listing, which consists of app description, app images, and the app video. When a user comes across your app, the description must work as a synopsis for the app and must be given the crisp yet explanatory information about your app.

Second, my recommendation is the pre-launch content!

Now you must be thinking that my app is not going to be launched by a celebrity or not even has great funding then why should I invest and consider even the pre-launch content.

Then you must know that pre-launch content, has the potential to grab the attention of investors and the audience, only if planned well.

You can consider the different forms of content, like landing page copy, teaser content or videos, microblogs, banners, and insta story.

Content holds the value and potential both, but it must be engaging and curiosity –triggering to help your audience and potential investors to give a try to your app.

Strategy #3

Localization is not a risk but an ideal choice!

You know whenever I workaround app localization concept, only one adage strikes in my mind, ‘don’t sell ice to Eskimos’.

This adage has the crux that says, “sell the right things to the right person,” and this doesn’t go anywhere even in the concept of App. The very aspect of localization demands to translate every bit of the app including language, keywords, description, icons, visuals – videos and images, keywords and even the name of the app to fall fit for the targeted audience.

Now you must be wondering that does it really help an app?

So my answer is, it does!

The localization of the app, actually works as a personalization of the app, letting the users get the personalized touch through language and other pertinent elements in the app.

Here you may have to walk out of your comfort zone and make some arrangements to fit the plan of the new market. Don’t worry a little discomfort to you now, will plan a successful future for your endeavors.

Strategy #4

Your app cannot be just about billboards!

Advertising your app is not just about one way or two ways only, but you need to consider the offline and online advertisement tactics, to control the balance.

Let’s understand it in this way when you are crossing a road or you are waiting on a red-light, you get a glance of that billboard which is placed nicely in a bigger size under the street-light, you see it every day and cross the road.

One fine day when you are scrolling through your social media, suddenly an advertisement pops-in of the same brand, which you have been noticing for past few days on your crossing road.

Suddenly you would relate to it, and you would not spend a moment but click on the ad to see what lies within.

What did you learn from this situation?

A billboard or the offline mode helped you remember the brand, but the online advert encouraged you to click on the ad to see it.

Remember the traditional methods of advertisement have not faded out, but they need to be well-balanced with the inclusion of online adverts.

In this same manner, your app cannot be just about marketed through the chosen marketplace, but you need to bring something additional and that something can be the ad networks to invest in.

The paid media buys will leave a direct effect on the app store rankings, as they allow apps to continuously have high installs, hence improving the discoverability and overall reputation in the marketplace.

Strategy #5

People buy from people they trust!

One of the harshest facts of the app marketing suggests that even if you have got the number of downloads and a better ranking in app stores, but this all does not suffice to the need of a successful app marketing campaign.

Users look forward to getting value from your app, and that itself is sufficient to turn them into loyal users.

No don’t take me wrong, the number of downloads your app receives, is significant, but the time you spend on designing the experience your app delivers, really helps you bring out the true value.

The specific set of information your users get from the app, and the amount of satisfaction it lets your app to build, really helps the number of downloads to be turned into a revenue cycle and a positive ROI.

If you are able to create that TRUST factor, then it won’t take long for your app to acquire loyal users, and it goes without saying but loyal users, at the end of the day, would determine the success and future of the mobile app.


Successful marketing can never work on pre-defined or tried & tested formulas, because what worked for one set of audience, may never work for future one, hence to search that perfect equation to be set in the code of app’s success, is hard to find. There can be instances wherein some past strategies may work, but sooner you need to upgrade yourself to bring something different & unique to the audience.

Calling app marketing a MELANGE of creativity & innovation wouldn’t be wrong.

Because a successful app product is always the outcome of the vigorous research, market understanding, innovation & efforts which pull the audience from their regular apps, and click on your app.

Hence try these strategies but ensure to remain flexible enough to accept and embrace anything new which can fit in the model of your app to target its specific kind of audience.

Hope it really helped you, don’t forget to follow me on….


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